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From: Jane Doe
Subject: College ChemistryThese writings are merely facets of my experiences and
imagination and are wholly fictional. They contain
explicit descriptions of sexual activities between
members of the same sex. If you are offended by such
stories, please do not read further. However, if you
find this type of reading enjoyable and wish to
contact me to make comments, you may always find me at
wende18hotmail.com. I would love to read them.COLLEGE CHEMISTRY by Wende Fields
CHAPTER ONEAs Connie drove her new gold metal-flake Mustang
convertible up the long oak-lined cobblestone drive,
she could not help but be impressed with the quaint
beauty of the campus. Though she was a freshman and
slightly older than others in her class, Connie was
somewhat nervous as she approached the sorority house
where she would pledge. Easing her new convertible
into a vacant parking space, Connie turned off the
ignition, withdrew the key and hopped out of the car
while exposing ample thigh to any interested
spectators.While quite petite, a mere five feet tall, Connie’s
beautiful swirl of blonde locks and athletic build
compensated for her short stature. She turned heads of
both male and female as she trotted up the few steps
to the sorority house.”Excuse me,” she said to a cute young girl exiting the
front door, “where could I find the person in charge
of new pledging?”"You’ll find her in the main lobby at a small desk
along that wall,” the young girl replied pointing her
slender finger.”Thanks, uh I’m sorry I don’t know your name. I’m new
at the college,” Connie said in her sweetest
`receptionist’ voice.Tittering, the young girl shot back, “My name is
Candy”!Thinking nothing but lascivious thoughts, Connie held
out her small hand in preparation for a handshake, but
was pleasantly surprised when Candy wrapped both arms
around Connie’s muscled shoulders and squeezed
tightly. Hesitatingly, Connie reciprocated and soon
both were involved in hugging and patting each other
in a most friendly manner.Seizing the opportunity, Connie whispered, “I’ll just
bet you are good enough to eat too”!Giggles and as an added bonus of intimate touches were
the only responses from Candy.Seconds later, the two disengaged and Candy softly
said, “I think you will love it here in our sorority”.With a wink of her azure eyes, Connie smiled then
turned and briskly walked through the open front door.Following Candy’s explicit directions, Connie stepped
to the small desk, cleared her throat and said in her
most pleasant voice, “Hi, my name is Connie and I’m
pledging at this sorority.”"Welcome Connie, the beautiful brunette sitting at the
desk replied as she extended Preteen Cuties
her well manicured hand,
my name is Andrea and I’m the Sorority Mother.”Rising from her chair, Andrea wrapped both arms around
Connie and hugged her sharply. For the second time in
only minutes, Connie was shocked at such an open
display of friendly and intimate behavior. Yes, I
truly will love it here if everyone is as friendly as
these two, she thought. As the opportunity presented
itself, Connie dropped her right hand toward Andrea’s
left buttock and gently rubbed the material covered
object. Swiftly, Andrea’s lips grazed Connie’s right
cheek in a delicate but meaningful kiss. Holding the
pose for only a moment, the two separated and
continued in a business-like manner.
“Connie, you will be assigned a room with another
pledge,” Andrea said in the sweetest southern voice
she could muster. “Let’s see”, she continued while
looking at a clipboard pad with a list of names. “Yes,
here is your name. You’ll be rooming with Christina
according to this list.”"Do you happen to know if she has arrived yet?”
Connie, always wanting to be assertive inquired.”No, according to this list, she has not checked in as
yet”, Andrea replied strongly. “She may be delayed for
some unknown reason, but she must be present in time
for the welcoming ceremony. Missing that guarantees
that she not be allowed to pledge”, Andrea explained.Puzzled by that bit of information, Connie indicated
to the Sorority Mother that she would go upstairs in
order to locate her room and begin the timely task of
unpacking. Glancing at the ornate staircase, Connie
turned and quickly walked in that direction. Once on
the second floor, she was amazed to see the number of
bedrooms contained on that floor. Each opened bedroom
door was assigned a nameplate that began with words
that had a sexual connotation. The first she passed
was called Orgy; the second door’s plate read G Spot.
Smiling broadly, she continued on until she found her
room marked with the word Clit on the doorplate and
entered. How appropriate, she thought silently, but it
would have been far more appropriate if the name had
been something like Pucker.The beauty of the room suddenly struck her as she
stood in the entranceway. With two large canopy beds
separated by a large chiffon curtained window and a
small sitting area replete with computer desk and
printer stand, the room looked as though it belonged
in a magazine. Hesitatingly, she decided on the left
bed and unceremoniously tossed her suitcase on the
white quilted bedspread. Landing with a dull thud, the
suitcase sprang open as one of the latches broke.
Muttering softly, Connie walked toward the damaged
suitcase and flung it open in disgust. Escaping the
bonds of the suitcase, Connie’s vibrator flew out and
softly landed on the bed with an audible plop.”Well, I see you came prepared”, Preteen Cuties came a melodic voice
from behind Connie.Surprised by the sound, Connie whirled red-faced and
spied a very tall girl with soft flowing auburn hair.”I always do,” Connie retorted with a bit of sarcasm.”I couldn’t help but notice your vibrator on the bed.
I hope I didn’t embarrass you too much”, shot back the
mysterious voice. “Please allow me to introduce
myself. My name is Christina”, the melodic voice
continued.”Let me be the first to welcome you to Sorority Hall
even though I have been here a short while myself”,
said Connie as she walked toward Christina with arms
outstretched.The two girls met in mid-stride and embraced warmly.
Connie could detect an expensive perfume and was
entranced by Christina’s warmth. The embrace lasted
longer than was prudent, but the two girls seemed to
have simultaneously ignited a small flame. Reluctantly
separating, Christina backed away slowly to gain a
more complete view of her new roommate. Beginning at
her head, Christina noticed she had long blonde hair
tied back in a ponytail framing a slightly freckled,
but beautiful face that gave her a pixie-like quality.
As her gaze traveled downward, she saw a wasp-like
petite figure clad in a very short pale blue skirt and
matching translucent blouse.Satisfied with her assessment, Christina gathered her
most seductive smile and presented it for Connie’s
benefit. Furtively following suit, Connie noticed
Christina’s two most prominent features. Firstly, she
was extremely tall measuring almost six feet and
secondly, her breasts were enormous.Feeling totally inadequate, Connie pursued her quest
for a more thorough view of her new friend and
roommate. She noted Christina’s clothes, a pink blouse
and white form fitting pants, were stylishly expensive
replete with her white spiked heels.On closer inspection, Connie noticed Christina’s
facial features were soft with inviting lips worthy of
long lasting French kisses. As if in secret reply,
Christina slowly licked her lips in a very seductive
manner.Minutes passed before either girl moved or said
anything. Suddenly both spoke as if on cue from
someone outside the room.
“You are very beautiful,” they said simultaneously and
laughed at the incident.”Well, I can see we are going to get along for we both
had the same idea at the same time,” Christina said in
a very seductively mellow voice.”Why don’t you unpack your things and then we’ll go
downstairs for the welcoming ceremony,” Connie said
pointedly.As in silent reply, Christina began to lift her heavy
suitcase and fling onto an empty spot on the bed.
Suddenly Preteen Cuties
spying the other bed, she quickly retrieved
the case and set it on what was to be her bed on the
other side of the expansive window. Unlatching the
case, she slowly opened it, less one of her many
“toys” Preteen Cuties
should happen to fall out. Seeing all was
secure, she set about the task of removing each object
from its resting-place and carrying it to the large
dresser on the other side of the room.Sitting in one of two straight-back chairs ornamenting
the room, Connie carefully observed Christina at work.
Noting the expensive clothing being removed from the
oversized case, Connie was quickly becoming envious of
Christina’s obvious flair for matching wardrobe with
accessories. Ultimately, Christina’s case was empty
save for the many sexual “toys” remaining in various
compartments inside. Rising and walking toward the
case, Connie was visibly curious at the items she saw.
Upon her approach, Connie’s eyes widened at the
assortment. Inside the case were several dildos of
varying sizes, some flesh colored, some clear plastic
and two had attaching straps. In addition, there were
several long tapered flexible devices and she also
spied more than a dozen anal plugs of different
diameters.”My,” was all Connie could manage Preteen Cuties as she stared into
the case.”Do you like them?” Christina beamed.What are all these for?” Connie sheepishly asked.”How about if Preteen Cuties I save the explanations for later when
we have more time?”"I guess so!”
CHAPTER TWOThey were gathered downstairs for the beginning of
pledge week. The “Housemother” was a tall girl with
long flowing, silky blonde locks and deep blue eyes.
She seemed friendly while not participating in pledge
week however; such was not the case during that span
of one week.As the new pledges gathered in the expansive dining
room of the sorority house, Connie could see each
member’s facial expression filled with excitement
mixed with apprehension. The first order from the
housemother, whose name was Andrea, was given in a
very gruff commanding tone.”Strip, ladies!”A mixture of gasps and giggling emanated from the
group as slight movements by individuals of the group
to obey the shouted command could be detected. As each
girl in turn began almost identically, first with
shoes and sox while those who had previously pledged
stared maliciously at the activity with evil
anticipation.Once the remaining items of bras and panties were
discarded in a heap on the floor, Andrea barked out
another command, “Upstairs, ladies!”Leading the procession in single file was the Master
at Arms of the sorority, Liz, followed closely by each
member of the current pledge group and snaking out
toward the front door were current sorority sisters.
Silence in the room was deafening as each pledge
contemplated her fate. Upon reaching the second floor,
all the pledges gathered in what appeared to be one
giant bedroom, with a few exceptions.
In place of one bed, there were several and in place
of a single TV, there were many. Each screen was
displaying a different view of the same room.
Surreptitiously glancing about the room, Connie saw
several tables filled with implements of sexual
pleasure. Dildos and vibrators of every size and color
were clearly displayed as if they were snacks at a
lady’s social tea event. The next order of business
came from the lips of the Master at Arms, Liz.”Ladies, if you will Preteen Cuties gather closer around me, we can
begin pledge week,” she said in a soft sexy voice.As the small group clustered around the speaker’s
striking figure, Connie suddenly noticed a young girl
on the outside edge of the Preteen Cuties group. She was much taller
than every other member, but the most striking
difference was her auburn brown hair. Its shine
reflected her softness. Gazing farther down her
statuesque body, Connie saw in silhouette her ample
bosom. It was very prominent, as each breast stood out
proudly topped by a large succulent pink nipple. As
her eyes gazed below the tall girl’s waist, she
noticed a quaint trimming of her pubic hair. It
appeared to be shaped like a heart just above a set of
pouting labial lips that seemed to cry out to be
kissed. However, Connie’s eyes were mystically drawn
to the eyes of the tall young girl as she turned
slightly when Liz cleared her throat to speak.Christina simultaneously had been making furtive
glances toward her new roommate in order to assess her
as well. At first notice, she saw a petite blonde who
appeared to be almost perfectly proportional. On
closer inspection, as her eye traveled downward, she
noted an interesting area of her anatomy.
While Christina preferred to keep a small portion of
the hair around her pubis neatly trimmed and quite
short, such was not the case for Connie, the girl she
was spying.As Christina’s eyes beheld that area between Connie’s
legs, she saw a pubis completely devoid of hair. This,
in turn, accentuated her small, but very pink labial
lips.”Girls, you have been chosen as this year’s group of
new pledges. We, at this sorority, expect each of you
to participate in each event with enthusiasm and
conduct yourself in a manner that will reflect
favorably on this house.”With that succinct evocation, Liz turned on her heels
and walked quickly toward the double doors that served
as the room’s entrance.Andrea, the Housemother, stepped into the small circle
of naked girls and said in a soft, but commanding
voice. “In the tradition of this house, we will begin
the initiates’ first contact with our members.
Pledges, form a single line there and face the
curtained windows.”With shuffling feet on thick pile carpet and soft
bursts of conversation, the new pledges followed
directions closely. Soon they were facing a line of
fully clothed girls a mere four feet away. As the
naked girls became accustomed to the impudent stares,
their respective hands covered less and less exposed
anatomy in a show of defiance toward their potential
tormentors. As if on some invisible cue, the fully
clothed girls walked Preteen Cuties the short distance separating the
two lines and stood directly in front and faced each
naked young girl. Simultaneously, the right hand of
each fully clothed sister was raised to chest level
and placed palm outward grasping the respective right
breast of each new pledge. An echo Preteen Cuties
of gasps was
audible as each unsuspecting pledge had her right
breast touched then gently squeezed. This act signaled
the official opening of festivities.
What occurred next was a blur of motion. As the
giggling sorority sisters released each breast, the
looks of shock on the pledges’ faces were replaced by
giggles of embarrassment at the boldness of this act.
This blur of motion included those fully clothed
proceeded to alter that fact by quickly disrobing. The
sounds of snaps and zippers were heard over the din of
giggles and gasps. Each new pledge watch with awed
anticipation as each sorority member reached the same
state of nakedness as the pledges. Those same two
parallel lines seen only moments ago now appeared
somewhat less defined.”Ladies, ladies, order Preteen Cuties please! Sorority members choose
your pledge and for your circle,” barked the
housemother, Andrea.As each member padded toward her respective pledge, a
particularly striking member spied Connie and marched
quickly to her. The member whose name was Candy seemed
very sweet and then it struck Connie that she had
spoken with her earlier in the day. She just didn’t
recognize her without her clothes.”Hi, remember me? Candy spoke in that lilting sweet
tone.”Why, yes I do,” replied Connie in a mocking southern
drawl. “You were kind enough to give me directions to
the house this morning and I remembered whispering in
your ear,” Connie continued in that same manner. “So,
is it true?”"Well, I guess you’ll just have to find out!” answered
Candy giggling.With that short dialog, Candy reached for Connie’s
hand and held it to her breast. Connie’s hand closed
over the proffered breast and squeezed gently. That
movement brought a soft moan from Candy. Connie
brought her other hand to follow suit with the now
vacant breast. Soon Connie was kneading and squeezing
both breasts in a more active manner. Candy, whose
eyes were now closed, seemed to relish this action
because her knees were bent and at one point almost
buckled completely. However, the mood was soon broken
by a loud gasp from someone nearby.The definite sound of orgasm had reached Connie’s ears
and with that her heightened sexual energy began to
take over. Quickly, she stopped her breast action and
put both her arms around Candy to embrace her more
closely. As this occurred, the nipples of each girl
came in contact and an imaginary spark between them
sent sexual electricity through their bodies. That
slight touch was quickly replaced with more frenetic
rubbing and soon both girls had sunk to the floor in
an orgiastic writhing. Connie gathered herself around
so that she was in a sixty-nine position with Candy.
Connie’s mouth wantonly touched Candy’s now flowing
pussy.As her tongue licked the copious amounts of womanly
secretion, Connie muttered to no one in particular.
“Oh, Preteen Cuties you certainly are!”While this occurred, Candy’s tongue had been busy
licking its way in and out of Connie’s deliciously wet
slit. One of Candy’s fingers strayed and presented
itself at the entrance to Connie’s anus. With some
slight inward pressure, the finger began to disappear.
This instantly had the desired effect of putting
Connie into frenzy. Unbeknown to Candy, Connie’s ass
was notably the most sensitive part of her anatomy,
particularly when something was pressed inside.
Between her oral ministrations, Connie’s moans were
becoming more pronounced and she felt the first orgasm
of the day almost upon her. Candy’s finger, now a
flesh piston, began its more insistent movement in and
out of Connie’s ass. That motion brought added moans
and gasps to Candy’s ears and she doubled her efforts
in order for Connie to be the first in the room to
reach orgasm.Quickly, Connie reached her peak with a shrill moan
and a shout of, “Don’t ever stop!”Someone responded with a loud giggle and Connie, now
slumped completely on the floor, closed her eyes, in
order to more thoroughly enjoy that embedded finger
now wiggling sporadically.
What seemed like hours later, when in truth only a
single hour had passed since the pledges’ first
encounter with the sorority members, the initial orgy
began to subside. The aroma of free flowing sexual
juices was rife while many glistening bodies remained
locked in satiated embraces.Carefully, the tangle of arms and legs began to
disengage from the impromptu orgy and order began to
return to the room. Many of the girls now seemed
embarrassed by Preteen Cuties
the earlier activities. Perhaps they
were not accustomed to performing such lewd acts in
the public eye.”Ladies, tonight’s initial event was apparently quite
successful,” Liz, the Master at Arms shouted. “We will
continue with the second event in a few moments after
you girls have had a chance to go to your rooms and
freshen up if you’d care. Just remember you should be
back here in this room in shall we say a half-hour.
That should give everyone enough time.”Connie immediately glanced about the room to find
Christina, her new roommate. Spying her with a pretty
young girl she hadn’t seen before, Connie walked
briskly across the room to where the two were talking
quietly.”Christina, do you want to go back to our room and
freshen up?” inquired Connie.Looking at the perspiration glistening on Connie’s
naked body, Christina replied, “Yes Connie, I would
like to at least take a Preteen Cuties
shower and change into a dress
or nice skirt ensemble. Besides, we can talk as we
shower or whatever, right?”With that exchange, the two girls walked together
toward the hallway and their room. Connie walked
behind Christina for the sole purpose of admiring her
undulating ass. Smiling to herself, she remembered
that day at the lake with Kim.”That was some first pledge event,” Christina
exclaimed over her shoulder to Connie, trailing
behind!”Did you ever see so many naked girls in one place in
all your life?”Secretly smiling, Connie continued her thoughts over
the erotic events that unfolded just a few minutes
earlier and the erotic experiences earlier in her
childhood. Secretly, she would have preferred to
couple with Christina had she known what was about to
happen. There will be plenty of time to “get to know”
Christina better she thought further.In their room, the two girls, Connie and Christina,
began to make preparations to shower and refresh
themselves. As Connie located a bath towel and walked
into the well-appointed bathroom, her thoughts were
rekindled regarding the events of the afternoon. She
was interrupted in her reverie by Christina’s
insistent banging on the bathroom door.”What?”"Please, can I come in?”"Can’t you wait until I’m finished with my shower?”"No, I need to pee!”"Hurry, please let me in!”"OK, come in and pee.”Christina hurriedly opened the door rushed to the
toilet and sat allowing the liquid to escape her
overly filled bladder. Unbeknown to her however,
Connie was surreptitiously peering around the shower
curtain in order to watch her roommate sit on the
toilet and pee. Secretly, she wished she could get a
closer view, but was afraid Christina would not
understand Connie’s arousal over such actions.That reminded Connie once again of her first encounter
with watching a girl perform the act of peeing. She
and a classmate in their first year of high school
were talking near the lake they used to visit during
the summer with their parents.Connie suddenly remembered her name was Kim. Kim was
extremely daring and used to tease Connie for not
wishing to do daring things. That day, Connie showed
her that she could be just as daring. She took off her
swimsuit right in front of the little girl and went
out to the lake’s edge. Kim squealed in delight at the
sight of Connie walking naked toward the water.
Instantly, she followed suit. All too quickly, they
were both in the water naked and frolicking about
without a care in the world. Moments passed and
suddenly Kim was very still. Fearing something the
matter, Connie asked her if everything was all right.
She answered that she had to pee and didn’t want to
get out of the water.But, realizing she Preteen Cuties
must in order to empty her bladder,
she walked back to the beach, with Connie following
closely. Connie’s eyes focused on Kim’s undulating
buttocks.Kim headed straight for a thicket she Preteen Cuties thought would be
out of sight from prying eyes and proceeded to squat
over the sand. Soon, a golden yellow stream of liquid
began to squirt out from between the girl’s legs and
the sight fascinated Connie. In fact, she was visibly
aroused to the point she too had to pee. Quickly, she
went over to where the girl was squatting and did the
same. The young girl giggled in delight and Preteen Cuties as Kim had
done only seconds before; a golden yellow stream of
liquid shot out from between Connie’s legs as well.
The puddle quickly combined with that of the one made
by Kim.”Have you ever wondered it tasted like?” Kim asked
daringly.”Oooh, how could you even think of such a thing,”
chided Connie.”Would you let me lick it Preteen Cuties from you if I want?”
continued Kim.”You mean you would want to do that what you said?”
Connie asked incredulously.”I wouldn’t have said anything to you if I didn’t want
to,” continued Kim.Connie could only nod her head and in a flash, Kim was
kneeling in front of Connie with her head at the
juncture of Connie’s legs.”Mmmm, I like the Preteen Cuties view,” Kim teased.”Have you ever done this before?” Connie inquired.”What do you think?” Kim winked and giggled.”I’ve only heard of such things before. I couldn’t
imagine anyone ever Preteen Cuties doing anything like this.” Connie
squirmed.”Well, I’m not an expert, but I have seen some of my
father’s magazines he keeps hidden,” Kim replied by
way of a giggle.And with that said, she leaned down and placed her
protruding tongue right on the slit where the golden
liquid had exited only moments before. A moan escaped
someone’s lips and Connie wasn’t sure which one did
the moaning. The feeling of her tongue there was even
better than when she used one of her fingers to rub
her “little bump” as she called her clit since she
wasn’t aware of its rightful name. The lapping
continued and she became so aroused that she fell
backward onto the sand. As she fell, Kim used one of
her fingers to lightly graze Connie’s back hole with
her fingertip. Kim continued with her tonguing, but
now at a much faster pace. Slowly, Kim’s finger began
to disappear inside Connie’s tiny wrinkled pucker and
she could feel her sphincter close tightly around it
as the finger sank deeper.Connie felt all tingly inside and was on the verge of
“going over” as she termed the big O. She couldn’t
help but to place her hand behind Kim’s head and
direct the tongue movements to best suit Connie.
Moments passed and Connie was very close! Between
Kim’s finger penetrating Connie’s anus and that
educated tongue on her little slit the feelings she
felt were fantastic! Connie could feel her back hole
throbbing in tune with her heartbeat.Nothing had penetrated her in such a manner before and
she suddenly knew why she was attracted to that part
of the anatomy. Seconds more and Connie teetered on
the edge of that great precipice then fell to earth in
a great crash! All Connie could do was to moan and lie
there as if she weighed a thousand pounds. Every
muscle in her body felt as if it were made of molten
lead.Raising her head from its previous position, Kim
smiled then giggled and said, “Well?”All Connie could manage by way of reply was a series
of moans and squeaks. She truly had never felt
anything like that in her entire life. She also knew
wanted to repeat that feeling many more times.
The loud flushing sound interrupted her erotic
thoughts of the past and she was immediately returned
to the present where Christina was spreading her legs
wider in order to place the tissue there for cleaning
purposes. For a split second, Connie had an unhindered
view of Christina’s pink slit. Connie’s tongue
unconsciously snaked out and licked her lips in a slow
provocative manner. All the while, the water had been
running and suddenly Connie had an idea!”Christina, why don’t you get in the shower with me in
order to save time and hot water?” Connie asked
hesitantly.”Ok, be right there!” Christina shouted with a slight
giggle for emphasis.Christina appeared seconds later and drew back the
curtain to step into the shower. Steam swirled around
the young naked bodies as the two girls allowed the
torrents of water to cascade over them.”Oh, now I’ve got to pee. After watching…” Connie
halted in mid-sentence and simultaneously cupped her
mouth indicating she had said too much.”So, you were watching me! I thought that was you I
saw peaking around the curtain. You little devil! I
hope I put on a good show for you!” Christina retorted
in mock anger.Suddenly, Christina surprised Connie by reaching over
to turn off the water, then seductively said, “Now it
is my turn to watch you pee!”Shocked by what she had just heard, Connie said one
word, “OK.”Then, she immediately went into a semi-squat, spread
her legs and within seconds a steady stream of golden
yellow liquid appeared. Instantly, Christina knelt in
the shower between Connie’s legs to have the warm
liquid wash over her. Initially, the pee landed on her
thighs and she inched her way forward until her
breasts were the recipients of the golden shower.
Squealing with delight, Christina reveled in the
erotic fantasies she now came to realize.
However, within seconds, the stream had been reduced
to a trickle.Seizing her opportunity, Christina was emboldened by
the day’s earlier pledge orgy and placed her
protruding tongue right on the source of the second
golden shower of her life. Gasping at the sudden
action by Christina, Connie quickly gained her
composure and followed Christina’s lead in this new
erotic game. Placing her hand on the back of
Christina’s head, Connie now guided Christina’s oral
ministrations through a series of pressure and release
movements. Quickly, that magical tongue was bringing
Connie to the brink of orgasm. As Christina’s tongue
lapped faster and deeper, Connie’s moans became
louder. With a final groan, Connie reached her peak
that made her legs buckle. With her back against the
wall, she slid down into the tub and lay their
motionless. In the meantime, Christina’s tongue did
not cease its lapping of Connie’s pink folds. After
lying motionless for several minutes, Connie gathered
what little strength she had remaining and stood
leaving Christina Preteen Cuties sprawled in the bottom of the tub.
“Wow!” was all Connie could muster as her breathing,
evinced by a heaving chest, slowly returned to
normalcy.”I can do more, if you’re willing,” Christina said
teasingly.”And I thought it would take a while before we were
really comfortable with each other,” Connie retorted
dramatically.”Connie, I liked you from the moment I saw you earlier
today. Especially when I saw you downstairs naked, I
thought you had a beautiful body. When I discovered
you were pledging here too, I asked the housemother if
you could room with me and she arranged it. I hope you
don’t mind my sneakiness?”"Well, thanks. I don’t know quite what to say. I like
you too and I think you have a beautiful body. I must
tell you though, I am intimidated by your large bust!”
Connie said and emphasized her last statement with a
nervous laugh. As added emphasis, she grasped both her
nipples between thumb and forefinger squeezed slightly
and said, “Look at them, they hardly become larger
even when they are stiff!”"You mean like these?” Christina teasingly asked as
she placed a hand under each breast to lift and
proffer them.”Well, are you offering those to me right now? As
succulent as they look, we really don’t have time now.
Aren’t we supposed to be back in the “orgy” room in
less than half an hour?” Connie questioned.With a loud sigh, Christina dropped her hands walked
the short distance between the two girls, leaned over,
kissed Connie on the left cheek and said, “Well, we
can continue this after the next event.”
CHAPTER THREEAfter the two had completed their ablutions, they
quickly walked down the hall towards the “orgy” room
where most of the other pledges had already gathered.
Connie had changed to a short pleated white skirt and
matching blouse with sandals, while Christina
reappeared in a light green pants set and white
translucent form-fitting blouse. The blouse emphasized
her breast size even more because of its almost
transparent nature.
This was quite obvious to Connie from the many stares
Christina received from almost every pledge and
sorority member. This, in turn, made Connie feel even
more intimidated by Christina’s ample endowments. At
least, she thought, Christina “offered” them to me
personally and later I’ll take her up on that offer.”Ladies, gather closer and we can begin the second
event of this night’s pledge ceremony,” Liz, the
Master at Arms shouted above the din.Andrea, standing beside her, motioned with Preteen Cuties her right
hand for the pledges to form a semi-circle around both
sorority leaders. The room was filled with a buzz of
conversation as many of the pledges closed in to form
a tighter circle. Connie was pressed in toward a cute
girl standing in front of her. As Connie moved
forward, she suddenly felt something familiar poking
her in the back. Glancing over her shoulder, she
caught the gaze of another cute girl the same size and
athletic body as Connie. The young girl smiled in a
very provocative manner as her hand rested on Connie’s
butt. Connie, surprised by the boldness of this girl’s
move, returned the smile. Leaning close to Connie, the
girl with the twinkling green eyes whispered something
quite lascivious and very suggestive. Connie,
surprised and even slightly shocked at her boldness,
giggled and pressed her back harder into the young
girl’s breasts by way of reply. Casually, the girl’s
hand inched its way around the front of Connie’s skirt
and down toward the hem that stretched a mere three
inches below the juncture of her legs. Slowly, the
hand crept its way upward rubbing Connie’s leg as it
went under her skirt. The girls around them were not
mindful of these nefarious proceedings because others
were similarly engaged.As the Master at Arms droned on, the hand attached to
“twinkling green eyes” reached its apparent
destination, the entrance to Connie’s now smoldering
pussy. This was made possible due to the fact Connie
almost never wore panties. Whether the young girl knew
this prior to their encounter or that she guessed was
a mystery to Connie, but at the moment that was the
furthest from Connie’s mind. Almost imperceptibly, a
finger insinuated itself deeper into Connie’s oozing
damp slit and began a slow methodical sawing motion.
With each stroke, Connie’s legs became weaker and she
found it more difficult to concentrate on what was
being Preteen Cuties said by the sorority leaders. At the same time,
the other hand reached around to cup Connie’s left
breast and begin a wonderful massaging action. Between
both activities, Connie was on the edge of having yet
another orgasm. At this point, she would have wanted
something to occupy her “other hole” as well. But, she
had to be content for the moment until she could be
alone with this vixen, which was eagerly producing
such erotic feelings in Connie’s body. Minutes passed
and Connie began to shake with the onset of her
orgasm. An almost inaudible moan escaped her lips as
she reached her plateau. Her legs felt weak and she
would have fallen, except “twinkling green eyes”
managed to steady her.Connie, despite this new encounter, felt Christina and
she were kindred spirits and that rooming together
would be beneficial for both. But, that did not mean
she couldn’t have some fun with other girls as well.
After regaining composure, Connie glanced again over
her shoulder but “twinkling green eyes” had moved
farther away and was sniffing at her fingers in an
obvious manner, while lewdly smiling at Connie. At one
point, the mystery girl opened her mouth slightly and
inserted those same fingers and loudly licked each one
as though they were laden with raw cake batter.
Disappointed that she could not talk to the girl and
at least discover her name or the location of her
room, Connie returned her attention to the speakers at
the head of the semi-circle of pledges.”Tonight, you ladies are privileged to participate in
a solemn event which, when completed, will signify
your promise to the “sisters” here in this house to be
loyal and give of yourself whenever asked and by
whomever,” Andrea was saying with solemnity and
reverence.As Christina was hearing this, she thought of Connie
some where in the crowd and the intriguing
possibilities this sorority might Preteen Cuties bring to her love
life. For the moment however, she was content to try
and become better acquainted with Connie, her new
friend and roommate.
Smiling to no one, she remembered the shower they had
taken earlier and the dampness between her legs
increased considerably. However, interrupting her
lascivious thoughts were the voices of the sorority
leaders directing the pledges in some fashion.”Pledges, you know the routine now. Strip!” voiced the
accentuated gruffness of Liz, the Master at Arms.With some rumblings from a few of the pledges, the
sounds of clothing being removed were quite evident in
the great room. As the pledges began to remove the
last vestiges of clothing, the shyness so evident
earlier was abundantly absent now. The girls were all
but frolicking about as if they were at a nude beach.
“Order!” shouted Liz in an overly gruff tone.Instantly a hush fell over the room and one could
almost hear the proverbial pin, except of course the
floor was richly carpeted. The pledges, nakedly
waiting for the next directions, pressed closer to the
two leaders. Suddenly, Christina felt a presence very
close behind her. A finger touched her well-rounded
right buttock lightly and began a slow methodical
dance toward her Preteen Cuties crack.Goosebumps immediately formed on her skin as the digit
danced its way to one of her very sensitive areas.
Pausing at the top of her rear crease, the finger
began a steady slide downward following the crease. By
separating her legs slightly, Christina’s crease
widened allowing easier access to her crinkled pucker.
That tantalizing finger followed the pathway toward
her tiny opening. With a shiver, Christina felt some
pressure exerted by the finger on her rear hole.
Slowly, the finger began to penetrate her rear, but
the passage was impossible because of a lack of
lubrication. In a pique of frustration, Christina
exhaled sharply. Seconds passed, and then she felt Preteen Cuties a
different sensation. Suddenly the finger was back, but
with it came some slippery substance she couldn’t
identify directly. A soft giggle behind her let her
know the identity of the person wielding the
mysterious finger. Connie had sneaked behind her while
the sorority leaders were giving pledges new
instructions. Armed with this information, Christina
opened her legs wider for the now burrowing finger.
As it pressed inward, Christina gasped softly at the
thrilling intrusion. Totally oblivious to proceedings
occurring around her, she was only vaguely aware of
giggles and tittering by others around her. Receiving
pleasure from that single finger sunk in her rear;
Christina found it exceedingly difficult to
concentrate on anything else. Within seconds of the
finger’s intrusion though, a gentle sawing began thus
moving the finger in a piston-like motion in and out.
This new sensation produced another gasp from
Christina and she automatically covered her mouth with
her hand to muffle the sounds she made. Within a few
seconds, Christina experienced a thundering orgasm
brought about by the circumstances and the fact
Christina was doing this in a public area.
Her quaking orgasm continued for another minute, then
subsided slowly. Suddenly aware Connie’s finger was no
longer there; Christina turned around to see the
grinning face of the owner of that marvelous digit.”…and don’t be afraid to switch with any other girl in
your group,” Andrea instructed.Christina missed those first words of instruction by
Andrea and whispered questioningly at Connie.Connie giggled and whispered in return, “I thought you
heard every word! We’re supposed to break into small
groups and smear honey on a girl in your group by any
means other than with your hand.”Giggling softly, Christina replied in a whisper, “I’m
going to like this sorority, I can see that now. First
I meet you, Connie, then I get to smear honey on a
naked girl!” As an after thought, Christina added,
“Can I lick it off as well?”Given a small jar of honey, the circle of girls,
including two blondes, one with auburn hair, Christina
and one with jet-black hair and eyes to match, began
to decide who would start the process of smearing the
sticky liquid. Connie was chosen by default to have
the golden syrup applied to her compact body. Standing
in the center of the circle, she spread her legs
slightly and waited for the “fun” to begin.Behind her, the girl with black hair, and the other
blonde collaborated in an effort to lift the jar with
their bodies, shoulder to shoulder and manipulate the
jar upward toward Connie’s back. Straining and
grunting, the two girls managed to work the jar upward
and by standing toe to toe with the jar sandwiched
between them, their breasts held the jar steady. With
a significant effort, the girls simultaneously tipped
the jar and released a glob of honey onto Connie’s
back. The jar however, slipped and fell crashing to
the carpeted floor with a thud. Gasping in unison, the
two girls tried to use their toes to raise the jar off
the floor.In doing so, they managed to spill most of the
contents and suddenly one of the other members slipped
and fell to the floor in a heap.
Reaching down to check the condition of the girl,
someone was pushed from behind and fell likewise.
Together the two now sprawled in a heap on top of each
other. Arms and legs were splayed in not lady-like
positions. Connie, laughing uproariously, dropped to
the floor on top of the two who had fallen earlier.
Suddenly, the “game” did not matter to the three, for
hands and tongues began to travel freely over the
bodies of each in turn. Soon, a cacophony of grunts,
groans and giggles was audible in the small circle of
girls. A finger was mysteriously embedded in Connie’s
well-lubricated slit and a tongue was slathering her
lips with saliva. Minutes passed and the “game” all
the pledges had been playing ebbed into another orgy
of tongues, fingers and any other part of anatomy that
could be put into play.Connie was curious about Christina’s participation in
this small orgy, now turned massive. However, her
attention was quickly drawn elsewhere as another
finger was attempting to insinuate into her most
sensitive hole, her starred pucker. Suddenly, she
thought she recognized the finger as that belonging to
Christina. As if on cue, Christina poked her head
closer to Connie’s and smiled a most lascivious grin!”Oh, there you are!” Connie said in a loud voice to be
heard above the din Preteen Cuties of grunts and groans.Giggling while continuing to press her finger deeper
inside Connie, Christina replied, “Where did you think
I’d be?” Moments passed before Christina continued,
“I’ve been here all the time.” And for emphasis on the
word here, she pressed her finger deeper yet into
Connie’s tight butt.Succumbing to the pleasure of having that finger
delving into that sensitive part of her anatomy,
Connie could only moan in reply. Soon the finger began
a familiar sawing motion and that produced a renewed
series of moans and gasps from Connie. As the motion
`s speed increased, Connie’s moans did likewise. A
tongue, now concentrating on her fully engorged
clitoris, stabbed and circled Preteen Cuties
the sensitive button and
produced, in consort with Christina’s finger, the
approaches of a thundering orgasm. It began in
Connie’s toes and traveled in a wave upward toward her
eyes, stayed for microseconds and then traveled
downward again. Her breathing came in gulps and coughs
and she thought she Preteen Cuties would pass out from the pleasure.
In a last screaming groan, Connie orgasmed then
slumped rag doll-like on the pile of bodies beneath
her.Unable to move, Connie tried to concentrate on
assessing her body. Slowly becoming aware of things,
she could feel Christina’s finger still in place in
her throbbing back passage. That magical tongue,
though slowed in its movement, continued the dance
around her now tender clit and sloshed into her pussy
in light stabbing and licking motions. Even with her
brain remaining foggy, she could also detect someone’s
mouth clamped around her left nipple. Lying there limp
as a dishrag, Connie attempted to assess her
surroundings. Here she was in a large room filled with
beautiful naked young girls, with at least two of them
lending their womanly talents to her pleasured body.
What more could a girl want? She thought as a faint
smile appeared at her lips.As the room began to take on its original ordered
condition, clothing was not being put on, but merely
gathered by the respective owners and bundled in naked
arms to be carried to all those rooms with “nasty”
Along the halls, remnants of the earlier orgy were in
evidence as panties and bras lay, dropped
unsuspectingly by their owners.Once safely back in “their” Clit room, the two girls
pounced on their beds in utter satiation. Connie,
glancing over at the supine naked form of Christina,
saw her in a different light than she had earlier in
the day at their initial encounter. She now viewed her
as a compatible sex partner with whom she could pass
many nights in lurid pleasures. Patience, she thought
as she eyed the body lying near her.”Do you want to shower first,” Connie asked softly?”No. Why don’t we shower together? Besides, I have to
pee again,” Christina teasingly said with a lascivious
gleam in her eye.Slowly, the two gathered their strength and headed, on
shaky legs, toward the bathroom and a warm shower to
revive them. Christina reached into the shower stall
and began to adjust the water temperature and force.
As she did so, Connie stepped in and gasped as the icy
water cascaded over her tired body. Giggling,
Christina readjusted the temperature to a more
suitable one for Connie’s taste, then stepped in to
join her new companion.Christina, true to her Preteen Cuties
word earlier, went into a semi-
squat and appeared to concentrate intently. Seconds
later, a strong flow emanated from her pussy and
immediately Connie crouched in front of Christina to
receive the golden elixir. With a squeal of delight,
Christina aimed the stream to cover as much of
Connie’s body as she could. With her hands, Connie
rubbed the liquid over her breasts and down into her
shaven pussy, while moaning and gasping loudly. A
minute later and the stream from Christina’s pussy
subsided. Connie stood, wrapped both arms around
Christina and pressed her lips to Connie’s. Surprised,
Connie paused Preteen Cuties
before opening her mouth to receive the
probing tongue offered by her shower mate. Quickly,
the kiss escalated to writhing bodies and pressed
nipples dueling Preteen Cuties
for added pleasure beneath a torrent
of warm water.
As this writhing continued, Connie pressed her pelvis
to Christina’s body and began a furious rubbing and
grinding motion. Placing one foot on the tub’s ledge,
Connie was able to position her clitoris directly in
line with Christina’s pussy lips. As the two ground
their pelvises together, the two girls reached orgasm
within seconds of one another. Now totally exhausted,
the two gathered what little remaining strength was
left, lathered then rinsed their glistening bodies.After getting out and drying each other, Connie padded
naked into the bedroom to retrieve her suitcase.
Throwing it on the bed, she opened it and extracted a
medium sized anal plug and a small tube of water-
soluble lubricant.Watching intently, Christina inquired, “What are you
going to do with that?”"You’ll see,” Connie retorted.
After having replaced her suitcase under the bed,
Connie lay on her side on the bed and raised and bent
her right leg. Opening the tube of lubricant, she
squeezed a liberal amount onto her middle finger. Once
closed, she placed the tube on the nightstand, then
reached behind her and placed her middle finger at the
opening of her starred pucker. In a slow and circular
pattern, Connie smeared the lubricant around the
outside before applying pressure in the center of her
rear hole. As her finger began to disappear, Connie
moaned softly to herself. Once her finger was in
completely, she thrust it in and out several times
before she was satisfied enough lubricant had been
applied. Withdrawing her finger, she grasped the
previously lubricated plug and pressed it to her
nether opening.With Preteen Cuties her eyes closed and moaning softly, Connie
pressed the plug inward until the entire length had
disappeared.With that completed, she felt to see if the plug was
secure in her butt, lowered her leg, reached over to
turn out the night stand light and said to a perplexed
Christina, “Goodnight!”With the room bathed in darkness, Christina stared at
the motionless Connie and asked in a puzzled tone,
“Are you going to sleep with that butt plug inside you
all night?”Connie just managed a titillating giggle as she
proceeded to enjoy the feeling of having something
inside her rear passage once again.
CHAPTER FOUROver the course of the next several days, the new
pledges were involved in many erotic events that
seemed to ultimately end in some type of orgy among
the pledges and current members. On one occasion, the
pledges were required to drive around campus wearing
nothing but a smile and report back to the sorority
house once they had been seen by at least five people.
To keep things on the “honor system”, a member
accompanied each pledge as she drove her car about the
campus. Needless to say, there were times when the
pledges’ attention was diverted by the “friendly
behavior” of many of the members. An incident was
reported where one pledge came precariously close to
being involved in an accident because she was engaged
in fingering the member’s pussy as she attempted to
negotiate the streets around the sprawling campus.”What’s the matter? You look a little pale tonight,”
inquired Connie of her roommate.”I feel a little funny,” was all Christina could say.”Is it your stomach?”"Yes, I can’t seem to go to the bathroom lately,”
Christina replied shyly.”Oh, I think perhaps if you took an enema, it just
might help,” Connie boldly reported while secretly
squirming in her seat at the thought of giving
Christina an enema.”Gosh, I haven’t taken one of those since I was a very
little girl and my mother gave one to me,” Christina
said reflecting on her childhood.”I have an enema kit if you’d like it!” Connie
volunteered with a smile.”Why, I’ll even help you if you want me to that is,”
she added seconds later.”I would be too embarrassed,” Christina added
sheepishly.”After what the two of us have done together! Are you
kidding me?” Connie replied practically shouting.”Well, since you put it that way.”Bending to retrieve her suitcase, Connie grasped it by
the worn handle and dragged it out from underneath the
bed. Throwing it on the bed, she quickly opened it and
removed a bulging vinyl bag. Releasing the clasp, she
withdrew the contents and spilled them on the bed.
Watching intently, Christina was mesmerized by the
items she saw. Among the contents was a red rubber bag
with a black screw cap on one end. Secondly, a narrow
white flexible tubing with flared ends was coiled and
secured. Thirdly, there were several nozzles strewn
about the bed that appeared as though they belonged on
one end of the tubing. As Christina’s conjecture was
correct, Connie finished assembling the tubing to the
opposite end of the red bag. She then paused, as if
deciding on the appropriate size, before selecting a
medium sized nozzle to screw into the adapter already
in place at the other end of the tubing.Completely in awe of this operation, Christina was
quickly drawn back to her childhood when her mother
had given her several enemas during her younger years.
As the memories came flooding back to her, she
remembered the warm cozy feeling she got as the
diminutive nozzle was pressed into her bottom and the
water coursed through her tiny bowels. Suddenly a
slight shiver overtook Preteen Cuties
her as she now joyfully
anticipated having that feeling once again.And the fact her roommate was administering it was of
little concern to Christina. In fact, Christina
thought, it might be more fun if Connie gave her the
enema. Who knows, she continued in her reverie, she
might get to really enjoy this as a part of her sex
life there at the sorority. Little did Christina know
what was truly in store for her in the days to come?Once the “kit” was assembled, Connie turned to
Christina and indicated to her that she should remove
her clothes. Christina quickly began to remove Preteen Cuties
tight white shorts and pale blue blouse she wore at
that moment. As the shorts lay in a “puddle” around
her ankles and the blouse thrown carelessly on the
bed, Christina reached behind her to unsnap her bra.
As her rather large breasts came free, they set about
a slight jiggling motion that caught Connie’s
attention. Eyeing the wobble of those magnificent
melons, Connie was awe struck by their sheer size and
firmness. She was once again intimidated by this
knowledge, but secure in the fact that she had just
recently suckled at those turgid pink nipples.
Next, Christina wiggled her hips in an effort to shed
her tight translucent panties. Of Preteen Cuties course, this action
set her breasts jiggling even more severely and
Connie’s attention was clearly transfixed on this
renewed movement. She unconsciously licked her lips at
the memory of tonguing each of those succulent orbs.
Once the panties lay in a heap around her ankles,
Christina deftly kicked them flying toward the
neatly-made bed where they landed with an audible
plop.Now completely naked, Christina stood with legs
slightly apart waiting for Connie to prepare the enema
bag and remaining items. In the meantime, Connie had
gathered the enema kit and walked toward the bathroom.”Are you coming?” Connie asked over her shoulder.Giggling Preteen Cuties at the double entendre, Christina said, “Oh,
I hope so!”
And with that exchange, Christina followed Connie into
the bathroom to get further instructions. Once they
were both inside, Connie initiated the proceedings
after first testing the water’s temperature from the
faucet with her empty hand. Connie, holding it with
her left hand, began filling the red rubber bag with
warm water. Entranced by the precision, with which
Connie worked, Christina stared intently. Satisfied of
the water’s level inside the bag, Connie placed the
screw cap on the bag’s open end. With the flexible
tubing extending from the opposite end of the bag,
Connie reached for a hook inside the shower and
suspended the bag from it. Grasping a small vial of
water-soluble lubricant, Connie smeared a generous
portion onto her fingers before rubbing them over the
nozzle’s end and shaft in an obvious lurid manner,
while grinning at Christina.”Get in and bend over,” Connie said in a mock Drill
Sergeant-like voice!Following instructions, Christina pushed open the
shower-curtain and stepped into the shower/tub
combination.Standing in the middle of the tub, Christina bent
halfway at the waist with her back toward Connie and
subconsciously shivered at the thought of what was to
come. Connie grasped a small container of water-
soluble lubricant and squeezed a generous amount onto
the fingers of her right hand. With her left hand, she
separated Christina’s cheeks and paused to view the
object of her attention. As her eyes gazed upon
Christina’s tiny starred pucker, Connie unconsciously
licked her lips at the prospect of perhaps placing her
tongue in the center of such a perfect puckered hole!”Well?”Hearing Christina say that single word broke the spell
of Connie’s reverie and spurred her back into action.
She gently placed her lubricant smeared fingers at the
center of the opening and rubbed slowly in a circular
pattern. At the first touch of Connie’s fingers on
Christina’s hole, an audible moan escaped the lips of
both girls. Connie continued to smear the lubricant
for several seconds before reluctantly ceasing.
Her next course of action was to take the pre-
lubricated nozzle and place it at the center of
Christina’s puckered opening. At the first touch of
the Preteen Cuties
cool nozzle to Christina’s skin, she flinched
slightly in response.”Relax, I won’t hurt you,” Connie said with a hint of
a giggle.”I promise to always make it feel good,” she went on
to add.”Hurry, because my back is getting stiff bending over
like this,” responded Christina in a muffled tone.”Well, I have an idea that will fix that problem just
as soon as I insert this,” Connie replied.And with that last statement, Connie pressed inward
and the nozzle began to disappear Preteen Cuties
slowly. Connie,
smiling as she enjoyed the view and her task, pushed
the medium sized nozzle as slowly as she dared. As it
disappeared, Christina began to moan more and more.
However, all too quickly, the nozzle had reached its
limit and was firmly inside Christina’s rear passage.Connie admired the erotic view one last time before
saying, “Christina, there is enough room for you to
lie in here on your back and lift your knees some.
That will ease the pain in your back and make you more
comfortable while you have your enema,” Connie
continued.Christina stood up, then crouched in the shower before
lying back completely. During this maneuvering, the
nozzle remained in place because Connie held it there.
Now by raising her legs and bending her knees,
Christina was able to find a position much more
comfortable than she had initially. Connie thought to
herself that even in this position, the view was
extremely erotic Preteen Cuties with the Preteen Cuties tubing snaking out of
Christina’s ass. And with that thought, Connie reached
over to release the tubing clamp and allow the water
to begin to drain into Christina’s cute butt.Almost immediately, Christina moaned and said, “Ooh,
that feels so nice!
I can feel the water surging into my bowel and it
feels very sexy! I think I could learn to like this
enema thing. It isn’t anything like I remembered when
I was a little girl.”Within minutes, the red rubber bag was flat indicating
all the water had drained into Christina.As if on cue, Christina said, “Oh, I can feel my tummy
gurgling and I think I need to go!”"If you leave the water in for a while, it will feel
that much better when you finally do expel it,” Connie
directed. “Do you want me to remove the nozzle?” she
further inquired.”No, I’m getting used to having inside me and it feels
good!” Christina retorted.”OK, I’ll leave it in until you ask me to take it
out,” Connie intoned.As an after thought, Connie said, “You know an anal
plug would help you keep the water in without having
to clamp your sphincter so tightly.”"Do you have one?”"Of course, silly,” Connie replied with a short
giggle.And with that, Connie stepped out of the shower and
padded naked over to her bed. Leaning over to retrieve
her suitcase, she caught a glimpse of herself in the
wall mirror. Pausing, she gazed at her image captured
in such an awkward position.She was entranced by the erotic image she saw and
suddenly had an urge to pose in several more risqué
positions. Pivoting on her knees, she opened her legs
as widely as she could and stared right in the center
of her lewdly displayed pussy. Noting the puffy lips
and the moisture gathered at the entrance to her slick
labia, she placed two fingers at the point of her gaze
and rubbed them back and forth slowly.As having a mind of their own, her fingers began
rubbing faster and moving in the direction of her
fully engorged clitoris. At the instant of contact,
she moaned loudly.”Hey, what are you doing in there?”Snapped out of her reverie, Connie replied, “Oh,
nothing. I’m coming.” And instantly followed that with
a giggle.Finishing her task at hand, Connie held the anal plug
loosely and walked silently back to the bathroom and
the patiently waiting Christina.”I almost wanted to come looking for you. What took
you so long?”Without a reply, Connie set about lubricating the
latex device and then bent on one knee to withdraw the
enema nozzle and quickly replace it Preteen Cuties with the latex
plug. In one practiced motion, Connie succeeded in
that procedure, except for having trouble inserting
the plug into Christina’s tight puckered opening. The
difficulty lay in pushing the plug’s center bulge
through the tightly clenched sphincter. As the
puckered opening expanded to except the larger girth
of the bulge, Christina moaned and some liquid seeped
out of Christina’s rear hole and dribbled onto the
shower’s porcelain finish.Giggling and moaning, “Christina could only manage a,
“Whoops” by way of reply.With the plug firmly in place, Connie sat relaxed on
the shower’s floor between Christina’s legs. Intent
upon Christina’s lewdly displayed Preteen Cuties pussy and the heart
shaped pubic hair, Connie leaned over and blatantly
began to rub Christina’s clitoris with her right
middle finger. At the first touch, Christina smiled
then closed her eyes and began moaning softly,
followed by a loud sigh. Presently, Connie’s finger
began its digital ministrations in a more determined
way. By pressing more firmly, rubbing faster and
utilizing three fingers of her other hand to slip
inside, Connie Preteen Cuties quickly produced a series of moans and
gasps from Christina that led Preteen Cuties to a shattering climax.
At the onset of Christina’s orgasm, Connie noted the
spasm simultaneously produced in Christina’s puckered
rear hole. Watching it created additional warmth
inside Connie’s pussy resulting in more womanly
secretions dripping down her open thighs.”That was the most fantastic cum I’ve ever had in my
life!” squealed Christina.”I know!” Connie accentuated her statement with a
quiet giggle.”I was hoping you might say that. I wanted to give you
a proper gift to welcome you as my new roommate!”
Connie offered.”Whew, I don’t see how you could possibly have made it
better!” Pausing a few seconds, Christina added, “Now
don’t you think we should do something about all that
water inside me?With a nod to acquiesce, Connie stood then stepped out
of the shower, motioning to Christina to do likewise.
When Christina Preteen Cuties bent over slightly as directed, Connie
grasped the latex plug and began to withdraw it from
Christina’s back passage. With moans of protest at the
withdrawal, Christina cooperated fully and permitted
With that completed, she quickly sat on the toilet and
instantly the sound of a stream of water rushing at
high speed accompanied by moans and gasps of pleasure
could be heard resonating inside the bathroom.
Simultaneous to that action, Connie knelt in between
Christina’s legs and pressed her face into Christina’s
crotch and began to furiously tongue Christina’s
dripping pussy. That, in turn, produced still more
moans and grunts of pleasure until the entire bathroom
was filled with a cacophony of erotic sounds.Minutes passed before those sounds ebbed and
Christina, slumped on the toilet, could only manage a
feeble, “Wow!”Looking up from her position on the floor, Connie
smiled and licked her lips.
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